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DeMarcus Ware agrees 'window's closing' on Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have won just one playoff game since 1996, forcing Jerry Jones to ask if he'll ever return to the Super Bowl as something other than a passive observer.

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The Cowboys owner is on record saying the window of opportunity is closing in Dallas. At least one of his players agrees.

"I feel like from my standpoint, we're a better team than we were last year, and it's going to show on the field," DeMarcus Waretold The Dallas Morning News. "Jerry saying that the window's closing, I'm with Jerry. The window can be closing. It closes every year. It just depends on if you're going to walk through that door or not. I'm with Jerry on that."

Rosters turn over and shift constantly. When Jones opines about windows opening and closing, he's concerned with his own legacy, which has taken a hit over the past 15 years. At 69, he's already handed over chunks of the day-to-day operation to his son, Stephen Jones. But what exactly is he passing down?

We're told annually the Cowboys house a talented, playoff-ready roster. America's Team is draped in ribbons and gold by forecasters, but when the games begin, hungrier teams rise up.

It's simple and tidy to float the myth that Dallas is a step away, every season, from making us forget about Troy Aikman, but these fantasies don't bring us closer to the truth.

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