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DeMarco Murray having an impressive preseason

Watching the NFL on a tablet is a massive game-changer. I don't think the average fan has quite realized this because it's still the preseason. It takes true addicts/maniacs/diehards to try to watch most preseason games after they are live, but the technology already has changed my somewhat sad life.

You can dial up any play at any time. You can watch condensed games. You can do it in bed. It's only going to get better in future years, but this is a huge step. I know it's going to change the way I cover the league. It will be much easier to watch a lot more football. That's never a bad thing.

DeMarco Murray does something impressive every time he gets the ball

That's one of the things I thought this week watching Preseason Live. He gets yards after contact and seemingly makes someone miss on every play. His cuts look sharper this year. The Dallas Cowboys are treating him like a superstar by keeping him under wraps for the most part during the preseason, but Murray has backed up the training camp hype. I expect a monster season. He's the key to the Cowboys' offense, not Dez Bryant.

Murray stood out to me watching games this week. Here were a few other thoughts before we dive fully into Week 3 of the preseason:

  1. San Francisco 49ers running back Kendall Hunter has surprising power. I went into camp thinking he'd be a breakout player this year, and nothing has changed my mind. He's a lot of fun to watch.
  1. It'd be nice to see Randy Moss catch a deep pass. All three of his grabs for the Niners last week were short with soft coverage. He had a chance for a play over 20 yards from Colin Kaepernick, but Moss couldn't hold on. Mario Manningham started, but Moss rotated in two-receiver sets.
  1. Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has made a number of outstanding plays avoiding pressure. But he's also missed a number of vertical passes. Many of his biggest plays were on short screen passes. We are very intrigued by Wilson, and we understand Pete Carroll's desire to see him with the first team. It's hard to evaluate him based on these plays with and against third-teamers. Matt Flynn had very poor protection last week.
  1. Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil destroyed Seattle Seahawks tackle Russell Okung last week. Okung is coming back from injury.
  1. The Cowboys had much, much better protection for Tony Romo in their second preseason game last week. Can't stress that enough.
  1. Peyton Manning has struggled with some of his vertical throws. That should come around, but this is going to be a short-pass timing offense. That benefits wideout Eric Decker and hurts Demaryius Thomas.
  1. Oakland Raiders cornerback Demarcus Van Dyke continues to give up big plays. He's a backup, but the Raiders' cornerback group is one of the worst in the NFL on paper.
  1. Matt Schaub quietly has looked sharp in his return from a foot injury. He's been accurate and both Houston Texans wideouts Lestar Jean and Keshawn Martin look like they'll be contributors.
  1. Blaine Gabbert is getting rid of the ball quickly. He completed four passes while being hit last week against the New Orleans Saints. Justin Blackmon already looks like the Jacksonville Jaguars' best receiver. It's only the preseason, but these are traits that bode well.

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