DeMarco Murray, Eagles appear headed toward stare-down

A coaching change hasn't improved the situation for Eagles running back DeMarco Murray. Even with Chip Kelly being sent packing and the hire of coach Doug Pederson, the former NFL rushing leader and his team are not in a good place.

In fact, Eagles and Murray appear headed toward a stare-down regarding his future with the organization, according to several sources informed of the situation. The division boils down to: Murray's unsuccessful 2015 campaign during which he rushed for only 702 yards, the Eagles' lack of conviction that he's the right back and the massive contract Murray signed last offseason.

There are very real questions of, can Murray play and succeed in Philly in 2016? And moving forward, is a sudden turnaround feasible? There are doubts.

Remnants of the old regime have headed out the door, including Kelly and VP of player personnel Ed Marynowitz. Yet Murray, the poster child for the failed efforts during the 2015 offseason remains with four years left on his five-year, $40-milion deal that includes $9 million more guaranteed. A pre-June 1 cut would hand the Eagles a $13-million salary-cap charge -- a reality the Eagles don't seem willing to embrace at this point.

Murray doesn't feel completely comfortable with the organization, his role and how 2015 played out. He was a target for fans' angst, and it never improved on the field.

He rushed for a career-low 3.6-yards-per-carry, while his most memorable moment came when he informed owner Jeffrey Lurie on a team plane that the team lacked confidence in Kelly.

Murray hasn't asked to be released or traded, and the Eagles seem -- at this point -- intent on not cutting him. But the longer this situation goes without a resolution toward the belief that it can work, the greater chance it could explode.

It's fair to say Murray has eyes on greener pastures, places where he believes he can be successful and earn the large contract he signed. If he was released, teams like the Seahawks, Cowboys and Raiders (who were interested last offseason) would be interested again. He's currently building a house in Dallas.

It's unclear how much interest there would be in a trade -- and that likely would require a re-worked contract -- and there has been no move yet to allow Murray to explore one. While the Eagles mull how to move forward, that could be the next step.

Meanwhile, Murray sits in flux, unsure how to proceed in a situation that turned from a dream into a nightmare in the span of one season.

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