Defensive players believe they've figured out Eagles' run scheme

Following the Philadelphia Eagles' loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week, wide receiver Josh Huff told reporters he heardCowboys players calling out Eagles plays before snaps. On Wednesday, Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Huff later told him that the Cowboys didn't have their signals.

"I just asked him about that, he didn't say that to us," Kelly said. "I just asked Josh, 'do you think they knew our signals?' and he said no. I said, 'Josh do you think they're picking up on things?' and he said no."

The Eagles aren't tipping plays, nor does anyone have their signals, according to sources on the Cowboys and Falcons. Based on film study, players can now properly call out alerts, which can often sound like signals during games. Instead, defensive players on the Cowboys and Falcons believe they've figured out Philly's run scheme.

They believe Kelly only runs a handful of run plays, and that they can often predict what's coming. From the Dallas perspective, an unsung hero from last week was practice squad OL Darrion Weems. Though he downplayed his role in helping the Cowboys prepare for the Eagles, according to people close to him, Dallas defensive players credit him with helping them understand what certain looks mean and how to know what might be coming next.

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