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Dee Milliner scheduled for shoulder surgery March 12

INDIANAPOLIS -- Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner says he'll have surgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder March 12. He expects a two-month recovery period.

The likely top-10 pick purposely scheduled the procedure for after the NFL Scouting Combine. He'll participate in all of the drills except the bench press.

"I felt the need that I had to come out and do something," Milliner said Sunday. "I ain't just want to sit out the combine and pro day and you guys start wondering, saying this and that.

"I just wanted at least to come out and showcase that I can still move around, I can run and I can swing my arm around."

The biggest question about Milliner centers on his speed and athleticism. He had a simple answer.

"Watch the NFL combine," Milliner said. "That's another reason why I wanted to come to the combine and participate in the drills. That's why I didn't want to have surgery right after the game.

"Anytime somebody doubts you, it's like they get into it with you. I like to go out, when people say that, try to prove them wrong. Try to go out there and make a big difference when they talk about me."

When asked which players he studies, Milliner listed a handful of the NFL's top cornerbacks. He said he also watches tapes and YouTube clips of NFL great Deion Sanders.

"It's Prime Time!" said Milliner, when asked what he admires about Sanders. "You've got to love him.

"He's a great player. He had the mentality and swagger that a defensive back should have. He went out there and would tell you what he's going to do and backed it up 100 percent."

Of course, Milliner was then asked about Leon Sandcastle.

"He might be better than Deion!" Milliner said. "Did you see the way he was running? That's pretty fast. You need to check that time. He might need to go against Usain Bolt and a couple of them guys."

It was a good session for Milliner. You have to be impressed by a guy who's hurt and still wants to compete. He also was funny and engaging.

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