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DeAngelo Williams: Rob Chudzinski's exit helped me

It's become increasingly apparent Rob Chudzinski didn't leave much goodwill behind in Charlotte, N.C.

Chudzinski stepped down as offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers to become the Cleveland Browns head coach this year. Steve Smithpreviously explained his belief that Chud got too cute with the Panthers' offense last season in an effort to advance his own career.

Now DeAngelo Williams is speaking out. Williams -- who ranks third in the NFL in rushing entering Week 4 -- told reporters Tuesday that Chudzinski's exit has been directly responsible for his resurgence in the backfield.

"I'm not going to start anything or push anything out there," Williams said, via "I can say this, though -- a different offensive coordinator. I can definitely say that. The last offensive coordinator got rid of his starting running back."

Williams is referring to the Browns' blockbuster trade last week sending Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a first-round pick. Williams said he wasn't disparaging Chudzinski, who was a major player in that deal getting done.

"Did I take a shot? Or did I speak facts?" Williams asked. "A shot is just like it can be factual but it's really not. That was all facts. I wasn't taking a shot at him -- he knows what he's doing."

We're not sure Williams actually believes that last part.

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