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DeAngelo Hall: Robert Griffin III ahead of Vick as rookie

DeAngelo Hall played with Michael Vick when the quarterback was a dynamic young star with the Atlanta Falcons, but Hall believes Robert Griffin III's ceiling is even higher.

"There's a 'wow' factor watching him," Hall, now a Washington Redskin, told Sirius XM Radio on Thursday. "I saw Mike when he came in and RG3 is ahead of him. And he wants to work."

Vick and Hall grew up in the same area, but Hall didn't join the Falcons until the 2004 season, three years after Vick was the No. 1 overall pick by the Falcons in the 2001 draft. Both players went to Virginia Tech, though Vick declared for the draft the year before Hall's arrival.

Hall might be getting an up-close look at Griffin's development in the earliest stages of his career, but he didn't see Vick in action until the QB was already an established star.

So, take the "RG3 is ahead of him" business with a grain of salt. That said, Hall has been around the league long enough to know a special talent when he sees it. Griffin obviously fits this description.

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