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DeAngelo Hall on Victor Cruz TD: 'We gave him that'

DeAngelo Hall and the Washington Redskins' secondary did a decent job against Victor Cruz and Co. for most of Sunday's game against the New York Giants. Things fell apart on Cruz's 77-yard, game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning said he picked up on how the Redskins would approach things because of how they defended the two-minute drive at the end of the first half.

"We tried to vary it as much as possible," Hall said Wednesday, via the Washington Examiner. "For (Eli) to say that in the first half he picked up on it and to not make a play until the last play of the game? I don't know how well he picked up on it.

"Ultimately he did because he made the play to beat us, but I don't feel like he made that play. I feel we gave him that play. We just had one guy set his feet and one guy not do this. I could have thrown that ball and he would have scored. It wasn't something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible."

Told of Hall's comments Wednesday, Manning thanked Hall for "giving" the pass to him. He agreed with Hall about one thing.

"I didn't say it took a rocket scientist to figure it out either," Manning said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday. "You got a guy running open, you hit him."

This might be our least favorite post-game quote trend: The opposing team didn't win; we lost. Manning lofted the ball more than 40 yards, hitting Cruz mid-stride. Cruz's speed pulled him away from the Redskins' cornerbacks. The Giants made the play.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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