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DeAngelo Hall: I didn't make death threat to referee

Hall was kicked out of the game and incurred a $30,000 fine for the on-field confrontation. Hall revealed Thursday that the NFL accused him of making a death threat.

"Yeah, he said that's what threw the flag for the ejection," Hall told Mark Maske of The Washington Post. "And so, you know, that didn't happen. That should have never happened, and we wouldn't be having this conversation. There's just a lot of things that are unresolved with that case that have to be resolved."

Hall said the NFL's investigation "felt like an interrogation" and was unfair. Hall believes he should have hired an outside attorney to represent him in the case, and he still might do so.

"Any time you've got one person that's the judge, jury and executioner -- he makes the fine, then he hears the appeal, then he decides the amount -- it's just tough," Hall said. "It's just tough. ... The CBA we agreed on probably wasn't in the best interests of the players, from my viewpoint."

The timing of Hall's rant is odd. The Redskins are on a five-game winning streak and nearing their first playoff berth since 2007, before Hall even was on the team. The incident is nearly two months old.

The NFL told Maske it would have no further comment on the matter.

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