DDFP: MJD Week 3 recap & David Carr Exit Interview

Dave Dameshek leaves Studio 66 for the green screen studio to take a ride around the league with our old pal Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD dives in on how Ryan Fitzpatrick should remain the starter in Tampa Bay (5:00), Josh Rosen being named starter in Arizona (8:45) and if there's an update with Le'Veon Bell (28:30). Next, David Carr visits Shek's office for his Week 3 exit interview. David breaks down the Texans vs Giants "Carr Bowl" (39:40) and gives an update on his brother's Raiders (49:25). Shek also makes David pick which team he'd most want to play for right now if he was one of the first round QBs (44:00).

Listen to the podcast below:

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