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DDFP: Remembering Don Shula & best number for a QB to wear?

Dave Dameshek is joined by Matt "Money" Smith, Handsome Hank and Eddie Spaghetti via video chat for a mid-week DDFP! The show starts off with Handsome Hank talking about the life of Don Shula and why he became a Miami Dolphins fan (1:30). Next, the group kibitzes about if Dan Marino could've beaten the '85 Bears (10:25), since Tua chose number 1 for the Dolphins which uniform number would you pick (15:45) and they poke fun at Eddie Spaghetti's weighted vest (22:00). They round out the show discussing which team was the toughest the Michael Jordan-led Bulls faced in the 90s (29:20)?

Listen to the podcast below:

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