DDFP: Mina Kimes on Foles vs Wentz & if QB wins matter?

Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by ESPN writer Mina Kimes to kibitz about all things NFL. Shek & Mina first start talking about her love of the Seattle Seahawks and which Super Bowl loss hurt more between 40 & 49 (3:00). Next, they get into two of the rookie QBs -- Lamar Jackson & Josh Allen -- specifically with how well they've both ran the ball (9:35). Then Shek makes Mina use the literal 10 foot pole to answer some questions like if Le'Veon Bell will get his contract in 2019, if the Chiefs or Rams will make it to Super Bowl LIII and if Nick Foles is the better fit at quarterback for the Eagles (31:00)? Kimes saying Patrick Mahomes will be considered the greatest QB of all-time in a decade? (38:38, and lastly, Shek wraps up the show by asking Mina some questions that will be appearing in the 2018 Sheky's (49:30).

Listen to the podcast below:

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