DDFP: Carson Palmer and Michael Vick on rookie QBs

Dave Dameshek is first joined by former NFL quarterback Michael Vick, who gives his thoughts on the rookie quarterback class and if he agrees with Dave's prediction that Josh Rosen will be the best of the bunch (4:45). Next, Shek pokes fun at NFL Network fantasy analyst Michael Fabiano for posting a picture of his girlfriend on every social media platform since Dave thinks it's humble bragging (7:02). Shek also argues with Eddie Spaghetti that his Rachel McAdams coffee shop story is not mundane but humble bragging just like Fabiano (9:45). Lastly, former NFL quarterback Carson Palmer joins the show (16:23) to kibitz with Shek about who the best USC QB of all-time is (19:20), what he's been doing with his kids during the early stages of retirement (24:05) and his outlook on the Arizona Cardinals without him playing quarterback (31:15).

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