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DDFP 678: Patriots drama; will Lamar Jackson start the season?

Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by Handsome Hank and Cleveland Browns legend Willie McGinest. The group starts to kibitz about Malcolm Butler's absence from Super Bowl LII, and if he was playing, would the Patriots have won another ring (6:40)? While on the topic of the New England Patriots, Shek asks Willie about Tom Brady's mindset going into this season with some potential issues with his coach Bill Belichick (9:30). Next, Shek brings up the quarterback finger bet and asks Willie for his opinion if Lamar Jackson will be starting for the Baltimore Ravens (23:00)? Then Willie tells some stories from his playing days such as Rodney Harrison torpedoing him in the back or what kind of trash talk went on at the bottom of the pile (38:00). Finally the show wraps up with Shek asking Willie who would you rather have for the next two seasons: Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo (55:20)?

Willie McGinest on how much longer Tom Brady will play (58:20): "I think there will be a walk-off if he wins this year, a Super Bowl, it won't be 45 years old. I think he'll walk off and say the game has been amazing to me and now I'm going to figure something else out."

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