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Darrelle Revis: 'Sky is the limit' for me, Buccaneers

By his own admission, Darrelle Revis didn't have his best season in 2013. Coming off of ACL surgery, he was even surprised he was voted to the Pro Bowl.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback said he's now fully healthy, with "no pain," and is looking forward to next season.

"I'm back and I'm excited," Revis told Around The League on Wednesday. "I'm very excited but also it's kind of scary because sky is the limit. I got a lot of potential. I got a lot of football left."

Earlier this month, there was some consternation about how Revis' skills synch up with new coach Lovie Smith's defensive scheme. Revis said he has yet to meet Smith, but isn't worried about any potential dissolving of Revis Island.

"I'm looking forward to meeting him and the new coaching staff," he said. "I played Cover 2 last year. I don't have a problem playing Cover 2. There are some things we can do, we can move some things around and scheme things differently and we'll be fine. We'll talk about it."

When asked if the Buccaneers were primed to make a Kansas City Chiefs-like turnaround in 2014, Revis said the Bucs have the talent to make the leap.

"Yeah, I'm not going to make a prediction on that, but at the same time Kansas City, they were terrible for a couple years," Revis said. "They turned it around when Andy (Reid) came in there. He's a great coach. They had the same players, and he came with a different scheme and knew his personnel. And Lovie can do the exact same thing. Lovie had success in the past. With this roster, hopefully we have success again under him."

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