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Darrelle Revis: Richard Sherman all 'me, me, me, me'

KAPOLEI, Hawaii -- Darrelle Revis laughed.

The Pro Bowl cornerback knew the question about Richard Sherman was coming.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star, who previously had gotten into Twitter battles with Sherman, had one major critique of the Seattle Seahawks' cornerback.

"Don't get me wrong he's an entertainer, but he shouldn't have said that," Revis said Wednesday at the Pro Bowl. "The reporter asked him a question about the team and he went on to answer about me, me, me, me. So that is how I took it. He didn't answer the question in the right way."

Revis didn't sound surprised that Sherman would shout to the world that he is the NFL's best cornerback.

"It is what it is, that is Sherman," he said. "That is what he thinks. Everybody has their own opinion."

And what is Revis' opinion on the topic?

"I feel like I'm the best," he said. "Deion Sanders probably feels like he is the best. Everybody has their own personal opinion. And that is how you go with it and I think that is what makes it fun.

"(Sherman is) saying he's the best," Revis continued. "I'm saying I'm the best, Joe Haden thinks he's the best. ...You can go by numbers, you can go by the ball not being thrown to your side so many times, there are so many variables in it. But at the same time, we are all talented players."

Revis credits Sanders -- on whose Pro Bowl team he was selected -- for the current generation of cornerbacks.

Revis, who was surprised he made the Pro Bowl after coming off ACL surgery, said any good corner worth his salt has confidence and "swagger" to believe he is the best.

"Best" is the new "elite," apparently.

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