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Darrelle Revis reportedly paid $50K for No. 24 jersey

Darrelle Revis will wear his customary No. 24 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It didn't come cheap, according to Paul Lukas of

"A well-placed source tells me that the amount Darrelle Revis paid to Mark Barron in order to get Barron to give up No. 24 was -- get this -- $50,000," Lukas wrote Tuesday.

We're no longer surprised to hear this kind of stuff. Whether it's about superstition, business opportunities or something more personal, professional athletes care very much about their numbers and will go great lengths to keep them. There's a plot to a really bad straight-to-video thriller starring Paul Walker in here somewhere.

Revis' numerous contract squabbles with the New York Jets make us think he's not one to part with money easily. Still -- as Rich Cimini helpfully points out -- $50,000 represents six percent of Revis' weekly salary of $765,000.

So yeah, he'll live.

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