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Darrelle Revis remains on fence about Jets holdout

Darrelle Revis was on hand for the start of the New York Jets' mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, but don't take that as a sign the star cornerback has swept his contract concerns under the rug.

Revis told reporters he hasn't decided if he'll report on time when training camp begins next month.

"I can't answer that question right now," Revis said with a smile after practice, according to The Associated Press. "I really can't."

This isn't Revis' first rodeo when it comes this business, of course. He held out of training camp before signing his rookie deal in 2007, then did it again in 2010 before signing a $46 million deal Revis and his agents call a "Band-Aid" contract.

"I have grown," he said. "This is my sixth year, and I've grown. I've been in a lot of situations and you guys have to remember, even when I was a rookie, my rookie contract, I came in late. The second one, it was the same type of scenario. We'll see."

His holdout played out in the public eye, as talks became a major subplot during the Jets' season on HBO's "Hard Knocks." The team doesn't have to deal with that added pressure this time around, and Revis seems relatively optimistic a deal will get done.

"I think the situation will take care of itself when it's time to," Revis said. "When you think about those things, yeah, they're in the back of your mind. But as of right now, you can just focus on what you can do today and improve day by day."

It's worth noting that following Revis' last holdout, he suffered a hamstring injury that he later attributed to having missed the bulk of training camp. It was a nagging issue for the cornerback, and you have to wonder if that memory has stuck with him.

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