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Darrelle Revis: Move on, 'bitter' New York Jets fans

New York Jets fans should be thanking Darrelle Revis on Tuesday morning.

The now Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback sealed a 22-19 win over the Miami Dolphins, the Bucs' first victory of the season, with an interception.

The side effect of the win is that it gave the Jets, Revis' former team, a one-game lead in the race for the final AFC wild-card spot.

After the game, Revis said "bitter" Jets fans constantly rip him on Twitter.

"I get harassed every day on Twitter (by Jets fans), and I barely even tweet. And you just get tired of it," Revis told the New York Post. "They're still not over the fact that I'm not there no more, and they give me crap all the time on Twitter."

The All-Pro cornerback said he doesn't keep track of the Jets aside from knowing they are 5-4. He added that he has no regrets about moving on from New York -- if fans just would leave him be.

"It don't help with the record (the Buccaneers have), but at the same time, just let it go," he said. "I'm not there no more, Jets fans. I'm not there. When I left, I left with class. I didn't leave saying, 'Eff the Jets organization' or anything like that. You've got to move on."

When Revis left New York, few thought the Jets would be in the playoff race. Fewer thought Revis would be aiding their playoff positioning.

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