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Darrelle Revis' deal could be extended in holdout

The way New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis looks at it, things can't get any worse for him than last time he held out of training camp.

"I don't know if you looked at my Twitter," he told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News last weekend. "I was getting death threats and everything. I'm getting stuff now on Twitter."

Revis uses that as proof that he isn't worried about the public backlash if he held out of training camp again. Here's the thing: Revis would be insane to skip mandatory work and we don't think he'll do it.

Myers points out that the Jets can extend Revis' contract for three extra years at "modest numbers" if he holds out of camp. That is huge leverage. That makes this Revis' entire "I'm not sure about training camp" theme sound like an empty threat.

The Jets knew this day was possibly coming when they frontloaded his deal. They prepared for it. If Revis gets to the end of his contract, they can't franchise him. That makes next year the key offseason for a new Revis deal.

He can huff and puff about possibly not showing up for work, but he doesn't have the leverage this time around.

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