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Darnell Dockett dons new facemask/visor for Cardinals

If you didn't already think Darnell Dockett was a bad man, this photograph the Arizona Cardinalstweeted of him from Tuesday's Fan Fest should change your mind:

That has to be the tightest facemask grid we've seen. The Shredder facemask look -- coupled with the reflective visor -- puts Dockett in the lead to win the "most intimidating facemask worn by a defensive lineman" award that we just made up.

Dockett's look outdoes Justin Tuck's design -- modeled after old-school trains -- which formerly held the lead, followed by DeMarcus Ware's extended mask.

These masks don't serve only as cool fashion statements. Defensive linemen have worked to tighten the bars on their facemasks to make it harder for offensive linemen to grab and pull on their grills.

Dockett's version takes it to a whole new level.

For a look at some of the most fascinating facemasks in the NFL, check out this photo gallery.

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