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Darius Slay thought Lambeau Field was 'like the car'

Darius Slay arguably is the most important player on the Detroit Lions this season. The rookie, however, has a lot to learn.

And we mean a lot.

Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham relayed a story to's Robert Klemko about the cornerback from Mississippi State not knowing about Lambeau Field.

"Lambo? Like the car?" Slay asked teammates during a discussion of the NFL's most storied venue.

"I knew what a Lambo was, but I didn't know it was Green Bay's stadium," Slay told Klemko. "They said, 'Man, that's the stadium!' I said, 'Oh man.' "

The Lions couldn't care less how much NFL history Slay knows, as long as he can cover Brandon Marshall.

Cunningham chuckled at Slay's ignorance, but the coordinator spoke glowingly of the rookie's football acumen.

"If you talk to him about football, he was really well-coached," Cunningham says. "This kid knew the game coming in. I kept quizzing him. He knew things that a lot of coaches don't know."

Slay, a second-round draft pick, is coming off meniscus surgery but has the size, speed and athleticism the Lions' putrid secondary desperately needs. Along with safety Glover Quin, Slay is the biggest addition to a defense that must make great strides if the Lions plan to make good on all the offseason bloviating.

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