Dan Snyder 'started the process' in planning new stadium

The Washington Redskins have called FedExField home since the 1997 season. But the wheels have started turning to find some new digs to replace the 17-year-old stadium.

In an interview with CSN Washington that aired Wednesday, owner Dan Snyder said the organization has "started the process" of designing a new stadium.

"Whether it's Washington, D.C., whether it's another stadium in Maryland, whether it's a stadium in Virginia, we've started the process," Snyder said.

While there's no official timeline, per Snyder, they've already "started meeting with architectural firms" and the owner says he'd like to "see it sooner than later."

A longtime Redskins fan before buying the team, Snyder asserts the plan for the new park is that it's "gonna feel like RFK (Stadium)," the team's home before FedExField. "It's gonna move like RFK. I love that, I actually asked architectural firms to do it and they said that they can do it."

Though FedExField is nowhere near the oldest stadium in the league, Snyder thinks a shiny, brand new stadium would help the District's case to host a Super Bowl.

"I think this region, not only this town, this region deserves a Super Bowl. It ought to be here, it would be a fantastic accomplishment. It's the biggest sporting event in the globe. It's the nation's capital, it's a no-brainer."

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