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Dallas Cowboys' Tyron Smith battling family

The unfortunate story of Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Tyron Smith continues.

Police were called to his home Tuesday, when siblings were there to "harass and torment" Smith "in the pursuit of collecting financial gain," according to the police report. Smith's lawyer, John Schorsch, likely will take legal action. He claims Smith's family has constantly demanded money, and more than $1 million is missing without his permission.

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Frankie Pinkney, Smith's mother, confirmed that two of the Cowboy's stepsisters were among three people who showed up at her son's house. She said there have been no family demands for money. Pinkney emailed The Dallas Morning News saying ongoing family issues had nothing to do with money. She wrote that Smith has hurt and betrayed her and blamed his girlfriend, Leigh Costa.

"They had not seen nor talked to him in months due to a family disagreement, which by the way, was not about finances," Pinkney wrote. "The family disagreement was about his girlfriend, who is five years older than Tyron, who is a big part of the confusion in our family right now.

"Leigh reported that my daughters were threatening her, and they were demanding money. My daughters did not make any threats."

Smith filed a restraining order against his mother and his stepfather, Roy Pinkney, during the summer to cut off any contact with him or Costa. Frankie Pinkney admitted that Smith gave the family a significant amount of money after he signed a four-year, $12.5 million contract after being drafted No. 9 overall out of USC in 2011.

"It was structured over a period of time," Pinkney said. "He's agreed to give us a certain amount of a certain period of time throughout his contract.

"I know most mothers would say their sons would never hurt them nor betray them for anyone. I'm here to tell you that I thought the same thing, but it happened to me."

Schorsch and Costa opposed Pinkney's claims. Smith declined comment.

This is one of the saddest stories of the year, and it will not end well.

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