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Dallas Cowboys fan to name son after Redskins' RG3

When a hardcore Washington Redskins fan and a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan conceive a child, which team the baby will root for can lead to some heated discussions.

Redskins fan Emanuel Vega and his girlfriend Marissa Pena, a lifelong Cowboys fan, upped the ante.

When the Redskins visited the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day, the couple decided the winner would get to name their future son. It would be Robert Griffin Vega if the Redskins won, Austin Miles Vega if the Cowboys took the holiday game.

"She didn't really disagree with that at all, but she started saying she would name it Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith, all these old Cowboys," Vega told The Washington Post. "I would die if my son grew up to be a Cowboys fan. That'd be awful. I don't even know how I'd feel."

When the Redskins thwarted a furiousTony Romo comeback, Vega won the bet.

Robert Griffin Vega is due to enter the world in April. RGV has a nice ring to it.

"We've had bets before, where she would wear my Redskins sweater at work if they won," the 27-year-old Vega said. "But the name of our son? Determining what fan he would be? It was just insane that they won. That was even bigger than the division title."

Robert Griffin III has yet to comment on whether he is disappointed that his future grandson's initials -- RG5 -- have been usurped (Roman numerals jokes are fun).

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