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Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars have brief Twitter beef

Darnell Dockett wasn't the only person to start stuff on Twitter within the last 24 hours.

The Dallas Cowboyssent out a now-deleted tweet after someone mentioned Major League Baseball pitchers and catchers report in six weeks.

"@DallasCowboys Similarly in the category of nobody-cares... the NHL is back!"

That obviously caught the attention of the Dallas Stars, who didn't back down from a Twitter beef.

Now even other sports franchises are taking shots at Tony Romo.

The Cowboys quickly apologized, and the Stars accepted.

Some poor Cowboys public-relations staffer probably had been encouraged to tweet more and engage fans -- and got carried away. Now he or she will be lectured on the perils of social media and what is and isn't appropriate.

Too bad. Petty Twitter bickering between professional sports franchises located in the same city can't be a bad thing.

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