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Dak Prescott: 'Great' for Ezekiel Elliott to get ban 'out of the way'

Heading into an all-important game Sunday against the rival Eagles, the Cowboys are at a critical juncture. Star running back Ezekiel Elliott is serving the second game of his six-game suspension, left tackle Tyron Smith is out again and they're coming off a bad loss to the Falcons.

That leads us to Sunday night's matchup.

"It's a great time for this game," quarterback Dak Prescott told me this week over the phone. "We just suffered that tough loss and need to bounce back. No better team to bounce back against than the Eagles. A division rivalry, a team that's leading our division that's hot right now. We're all excited for this matchup and we'll be ready to go."

There was news this week, as Elliott dropped his legal fight and headed out of the country to serve his suspension. A tough blow on the field.

But something, as Prescott noted, that could help the team clear its head.

"I think for the most part, it's great for him to get it out of the way," Prescott said. "What's done is done. Now he can move forward and become a better player because of it and this team can become a better team because of it."

Prescott was clear that his job doesn't change with or without Elliott. He trusts offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, and said he'll take more control of the offense if that's what is asked of him.

"[Linehan] does a great job of calling plays and putting us in plays that show our strengths," Prescott said. "I believe in him and whatever he calls. I'll go out there and be ready to execute -- whether it's me taking over more in the passing game. He'll have the answers."

Expect to see a lot of Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden, along with Rod Smith, the wild card.

"You can go back and look at tape and look at numbers to figure out what kind of players Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden are," Prescott said. "They have a resume that speaks for themselves. A guy like Rod, he's somebody that people might not know much about. Great player, great attitude good job catching the ball. A great all-around back that can step up and help this team."

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