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D'Onta Foreman reveals the pain of dealing with his son's death

D'Onta Foreman's final season of college football was much more than simply an opportunity to prove he was ready for the NFL.

Speaking exclusively to NFL Network's Andrea Kremer on NFL Total Access, Foreman revealed publicly for the first time the deep pain he felt after the death of his infant son and how his short life ultimately inspired the running back to have a remarkable junior season with the Texas Longhorns.

Foreman, considered one of the top running backs available in this week's NFL draft in Philadelphia, talked to Kremer about the joy he felt after his son was born in September. D'Onta Foreman Jr. was born prematurely but doctors told Foreman and his girlfriend the baby was expected to pull through and be healthy. However, he developed an infection and died less than two months after he was born.

"I really didn't know how to feel," Foreman told Kremer. "I was like numb. I felt like something was taken away from me before I had a chance to experience it."

Foreman is working hard to honor his son's memory and is excited about what comes next in and outside of football. His girlfriend is due to give birth to the couple's next child on Sept. 16 -- the one-year anniversary of D'Onta Jr.'s birth.

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