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D.J. Williams tweets out Broncos' playbook

Not exactly a banner offseason for Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams.

Facing a six-game suspension for failing a performance-enhancing drug test, Williams must now answer to Jack Del Rio & Co. for tweeting out a photo of the team's defensive playbook on his iPad, according to

After telling his 10,000 Twitter followers he's learning a "new position," Williams gave the general public a chance to learn along with him.

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Thanks to this savvy veteran, any lingering mystery attached to Denver's "Pro Near I" front has been shattered completely. That particular play is clearly visible on the typically top-secret blueprint Williams made available to thousands. Same goes for  "Z Motion to Far I" and "U3 to Trips Slot." The cat -- totally out of the bag.

(While we're at it: The pencil, the shiny red sharpener, the notecards -- really?)

Williams, the team's first-round pick in 2004, dropped a follow-up tweet with a message to readers: "Dear fans: My post about learning a new position and the fact that our playbooks are now iPad was all for you. I realize fans like to know what's going on with their teams and fav player."

The same goes for the Raiders.

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