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D.C. mayor Gray hopes Redskins pass on Peyton

Nobody voted Vince Gray into office for his expert take on professional football, but that hasn't stopped Washington's mayor from weighing in on the Peyton Manning debate.

Gray heard the whispers about his Redskins courting Manning if the quarterback hits the open market, but the mayor has grown weary of his favorite team pursuing expensive, over-the-hill veterans at the cost of tomorrow.

"You know, I think it depends on what role he would play ... but I really think the Redskins need a quarterback that they can build with for the future," Gray told WJLA-TV this week, per The Washington Post.

"You know, Andrew Luck is probably going to go to the Colts, but there's Robert Griffin III, and there's a couple other promising quarterbacks that are out there. We've kind of been down this pathway with quarterbacks who've been great but maybe are in the back end of their career, and even if he comes in and plays a year or two, where do we go from there?"

An honest question from a high-ranking 'Skins fan, but the conversation is premature until we have a clear picture of Manning's health following reports that the Colts quarterback has endured four neck procedures over the past two years, not three as previously believed.

Less tactful about the state of the Redskins was former Washington mayor Marion S. Barry Jr., who recently told the world via Twitter: "You know, the Redskins suck. I'm tired of watching everyone else in the Superbowl. Aint been right since they left DC."

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