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Cutler's thumb confronts injured Bears QB on Twitter

With Jay Cutler sidelined indefinitely after undergoing surgery to repair a broken right thumb, one imagines the Bears quarterback encased by team doctors obsessed with the state of his wounded finger.

This, apparently, is not what's happening.

In a mind-warping series of events, Jay Cutler's banged-up thumb has run free and taken to social media to confront its owner.

On Tuesday, the mouthy finger tweeted at the veteran passer: "The cast is HUGE! btw how u doin?"

Cutler -- after possibly reflecting on the absurdity of modern society -- fired back: "Less talking out of you and more rehab! Go find some ice or something."

"Thumb war anyone? O wait..." the body part later asked, sadly, to no response.

Then things took a deeper voyage into the absurd, with multiple Twitter accounts claiming to be Cutler's thumb, slinging insults and accusing each other of actually being the passer's less-notorious left thumb.

By sundown, @jaycutlerthumb (the finger from above) had openly sparred with @JayCutlersThumb, a second entity that -- judging by the tweets -- is a slightly more cantankerous digit.

Dear Jay Cutler thumbs, please pipe down.

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