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Cutler's new attitude makes playing with QB easier for Bears

Apparently, Jay Cutler didn't make a great first impression when he joined the Chicago Bears in 2009.

"The first year, to me personally, he was an (expletive)," Bears cornerback D.J. Moore said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "There's no way to sugarcoat it. Some days, he was good. But some days, he was in his own world."

Cutler's trademark aloofness must have been in overdrive if a teammate openly remembers you as the least glamorous part of the human anatomy. But Cutler apparently has made strides in now his third season in Chicago.

He has done it by engaging with teammates more, attending charity events on his own accord, generally acting like a member of the team, and not the football equivalent of Roger Dorn from "Major League."

"It makes people like you more," Moore said of Cutler's friendlier demeanor. "When people like you more, they root for you more. When people root for you, I think you do better. Good people win. You can't just walk around and be an (expletive) and then be like, 'Now I want you guys to come out and support me.' "

The lesson here? Don't be an (expletive). Sometimes the best advice is the most obvious.

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