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Cutler eager to face Lions in the wind, cold of Soldier Field

The Bears haven't forgotten the heavy beating they took inside warm and cozy Ford Field in Week 5.

Jay Cutler's of the belief that things will be different when the Lions are brought out of their safe haven and into the elements on Sunday. It's not January at Solider Field, but it's mid-November, and Cutler believes that's enough to unsettle Detroit.

"We're going to be outside, not in a dome," Cutler told the Detroit News. "We're going to be on grass. It's going to be a different environment for them ... a totally different ballgame. They don't have that advantage on their side this time, so it is going to be on our side."

For years, no dome team had survived the elements to win a Super Bowl. The Rams finally put that pattern to bed after the 1999 season, winning Super Bowl XXXIIIV. The Colts and Saints have done the same in the past couple of years. Still, we have yet to see this Lions squad conquer horrid conditions.

"We've been a good road team this year," Jim Schwartz said. "We played outdoors in Denver, right? Tampa is outdoors, if I am not mistaken."

Tampa, Fla.? Not sure that's Cutler's point, sir.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford did his best to explain away the weather issue. He's been there before, folks.

"Some of those games in the playoffs in high school got pretty cold, like into the 50s," Stafford told the News.

Oh, boy.

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