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Cutler cheers on Cavallari's 'Dancing' skills, but nobody's talking

We're going to do our best to keep this football-related.

Bears signal-caller Jay Cutler was nestled among audience members for the Monday airing of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," showcasing his on-again-off-again flame Kristin Cavallari.

Cutler was seen standing and applauding after Cavallari and her dance partner, Mark Ballas, went about their business on stage. 

Cavallari was then predictably pestered by about her status with Cutler, her former fiance, but the reality-TV star shed little light on the (engrossing) love affair.

"I always get a little bit nervous when I have close friends and family here," she deflected. "I try not to look at them."

Then this Ballas character stepped in and made it crystal clear: "She's not going to talk about it."

We'll take his lead from here on out. We promise.

Special note about the video, which can be seen here: If you're the type who would rather avoid spending a minute-plus watching Cavallari and Ballas dance the samba, skip to the 1:35 mark to catch Cutler in action.

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