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Cunningham: Detroit 'too tough of a town' for Vikings' Allen

You don't burn the Motor City without a fight.

When Gunther Cunningham caught wind of Jared Allen's Thursday rip session on the city of Detroit, the Lions defensive coordinator made one thing clear:

We don't want you here.

"He's not good enough to live here," Cunningham said Friday of the Vikings defensive end. "This is too tough of a town for him."

In an impressive push to become the least-popular human to ever step foot inside Ford Field on Sunday, Allen told the world: "If I had to live in Detroit, I think I'd just drown myself in the river that was across the way."

Cunningham didn't support that idea, but with the Allen nonsense cleared aside, he continued his frolic down the warpath with strong words for the talking heads critiquing his aggressive defense:

"There's some ex-coaches on television, in the media, making statements," Cunningham said. "Why don't they come and talk to me about it? ... Don't tell me how to coach. They were in high school and maybe not even born when I started in this business.

"I'll challenge any coach ever to face me up, in a room, one-on-one, put the tape on and tell me how to coach football. ... They're not coaching, they're on TV. I wonder why they're on TV."

Anyone else feel like taking on Gun and his proud city?

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