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Criticism of Redskins' Kirk Cousins pick misplaced

Three days of non-stop draft coverage has caused the football world to collectively lose its mind. That's the only explanation for all the criticism the Redskins have taken for drafting Kirk Cousins with the No. 102 pick of the draft round.

To hear most analysts tell it, fourth-round picks are absolute gold that should never be used on backups. Forget for a moment that the fourth round is intended for backup players and there is no more valuable backup position than quarterback. Forget that most people couldn't name five fourth-round picks and that most of the round's picks won't make a big impact.

"In that fourth round, you're trying to find people that can make your football team," Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said.

The other argument against Cousins: He will somehow be a distraction. Won't this be damaging to Robert Griffin III's ego? How could he handle the added pressure of . . . Kirk Cousins on the roster?

Cousins fell out of the top 100 picks for a reason. He's a backup. The Redskins reportedly had him rated as their third quarterback in the draft, so they took him for value. Maybe they will be able to trade him someday and maybe they won't. But to insinuate Cousins could somehow make Griffin's life more difficult is moronic.

Griffin is the franchise. He will feel pressure from all angles and create a career on his own merits. If Cousins ever challenges him, the Redskins have serious problems. If the media creates a quarterback controversy, that's on the media. The Redskins can't make decisions based on silly speculation. 

Rex Grossman is in place as Griffin's backup this year, and Cousins can take over the role in 2013. Washington is planning ahead, which is what you hope to do in the fourth round. The team was criticized because they made a "luxury" selection when they had so few picks this year. But any linebacker, cornerback, or offensive linemen taken that late was going to be a reserve. 

The Redskins believe Cousins can be a good backup. That's not a luxury in today's NFL; it's a requirement. 

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