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Cowboys send playoff tickets to season-ticket holders

Untethered to reality, space and time, the Dallas Cowboys are at it again.

'Boys season-ticket holders opened mailboxes this week to find their annual batch of preseason and regular-season vouchers packaged alongside a "sheet of playoff tickets, including a ticket for the NFC Championship Game," according to's Darren Rovell.

NOTE: This is something no NFL team has ever done.

"It's a convenience for our season-ticket holders to have everything in one package," said Brett Daniels, the Cowboys director of corporate communications. "It's an evolution to be fan-friendly. They have their tickets online and if we clinch a playoff berth they go to the computer and click they want the tickets."

To be fair, Brian Lafemina, the NFL's senior vice president of club business development, told that he expects more teams to follow suit.

"It's operationally efficient for the teams, and it's convenient for the fan," Lafemina said. "There are times when teams don't know if they are hosting a playoff game until a week before, and doing this helps eliminate some of the friction that exists among the teams and fans. This dovetails nicely with our new policy. If a fan says they will pay if a game is played, the team can now charge that fan and the ticket is already in hand."

An efficient play by the Cowboys, but also one that -- to the average human -- reeks of hubris from a team that hasn't qualified for the NFC title game since Bill Clinton roamed the White House.

Coming off three straight hyper-vanilla 8-8 campaigns, Dallas -- according to Around the League scribe Chris Wesseling -- looms as a far stronger candidate for the No. 1 pick than a football game in January.

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