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Cowboys RB Murray senses no rivalry with veteran Jones

Felix Jones has watched from afar as rookie sensation DeMarco Murray has run over, through and around opponents during a monthlong spree that's re-awakened the Cowboys' ground game.

Now Jones is back from a high ankle sprain, and despite pretty words about splitting carries and making it work, the idea of reducing Murray's role isn't attractive to anybody rooting for Dallas.

Jones might feel like the mother returning to work from maternity leave, only to find her parking spot and corner office occupied by some newbie. But not to worry, everything's cool between Felix and DeMarco.

"Me and Felix have a great relationship, so there definitely won't be any animosity between us," Murray told The Dallas Morning News. "But it really doesn't matter who starts the game, it's all about just working hard throughout the game and getting the W at the end of the day."

Murray was less charitable toward David Nelson, the Bills wideout who set off a beguiling spectacle at Cowboys Stadium this past Sunday. After Nelson caught a touchdown pass, he ran off the field to give the football to his girlfriend, who happens to be a Cowboys cheerleader.

"That's definitely something that I would never do, no matter what the circumstances were," Murray said. "I really have nothing to say about that."

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