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Cowboys, Raiders, Tebow fans rated 'most delusional'

When ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd unveiled his list of the most delusional fan bases in sports, he surely lost a few listeners.

Give him this much: It's an intriguing topic.

For Dallas Cowboys fans, however, it touches a nerve. The Oakland Raiders faithful might feel the same way. Tim Tebow loyalists: Your ears are ringing.

Cowherd's assessment of Dallas echoes what critics have been saying for years, perhaps unfairly: "The owner (Jerry Jones) is your general manager (and) is sort of a running joke in the league. One playoff win in 15 years. I like Dallas more than most, but that's a delusional fan base," he riffed, via The Dallas Morning News.

We adore you all. We're just passing this one along. Deal with it.

Cowherd's top-10 most-delusional fan bases:

  1. Chicago Bulls
    1. New York Knicks
    2. College basketball
    3. Big Ten football
      6. Oakland Raiders
    4. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
      4. Dallas Cowboys
    5. Penn State football
    6. Notre Dame football
      1. Tim Tebow
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