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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: I'm not a good budget guy

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted what many Cowboys fans already complain out: He doesn't pay much mind to salary-cap concerns.

"I'm by nature not a good budget guy," Jones said Friday on KRLD-FM, per

When Jerrah bought the 'Boys, he didn't have to deal with a salary cap as he built his dynasty teams of the 1990s.

"I had the attitude when I bought the Cowboys that if you want it, get it and then get in and dig and pay for it," Jones said. "That's not budgeting. If they ever cut me open and look at this big heart or whatever it is -- and I'm into this thing lately about physical makeup, you know -- but bottom line is, when they see it all scarred up, it'll be from not budgeting, stepping out, letting my passion go for it and then having to figure out how to pay for it."

Unfortunately the salary cap has burned the Cowboys seemingly every offseason for the past decade as Jones scrambles to find space, restructures contracts and pushes problems to another season. Giving out bad contracts also has been commonplace in Dallas - Jay Ratliff's extension is just one example.

No one questions Jones' desire to win Super Bowls. Sometimes, however, he goes after it like a teenager with an unlimited credit card, not a shrewd businessman and owner of America's most valuable sports franchise.

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