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Cowboys install scoreboards at practice to simulate situations

The Cowboys could easily be 4-0 this season if they managed to execute some fairly basic late-game situations. Instead, they're 2-2 and in the middle of the NFC pack.

No doubt aware of this fact, Dallas is taking a proactive approach in improving its performance. Beginning this week, the Cowboys practiced late-game scenarios with the help of scoreboards placed between the two practice fields on each end, according to The Dallas Morning News.

On Monday, the scoreboard was lit up with the following scenario: 24-24 tie, 59.2 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. Prior to the arrival of the scoreboards, an assistant equipment manager simulated situations with the help of a lowly stop watch.

"We just feel like what we're trying to do as coaches is simulate the game as much as we can in all parts of our practice, our regular team work or our situational work at the end of practice," coach Jason Garrett said. "We've tried to do that from the start of training camp. We think it's valuable in recreating and simulating a game when you have that scoreboard. You have the time that everybody can see, and you understand what the situation is as concretely as possible."

This seems like a smart idea to us, but it remains to be seen if will actually hinder Tony Romo from throwing soul-crushing interceptions.

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