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Cowboys, Chargers among NFL's desperate teams

Every week in the NFL is important. Some are just more important than others. Here are the NFL teams most desperate for a win in Week 11.

The Buffalo Bills would have made this list for Week 11 if it wasn't posted on Fridays. Perhaps their inspired effort bodes well for the teams that most badly need a win this week:

6. New York Jets: Perhaps I'm the only man in America that still thinks the Jets have some semblance of a fighting chance in the AFC. To pull it off: They need to win two games in four days against the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots. Crazier things have happened.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:Perhaps an odd choice, but bear with us. The Bucs are a legit playoff contender. Legit playoff contenders need to win games against two-win teams like the Carolina Panthers, especially with Atlanta and Denver next on the schedule. That's called managing the schedule.

4. Detroit Lions: Our resident Lions homer Kevin Patra believes Detroit deserved The Fork after last week's loss. We'd like to point that a victory over the Green Bay Packers this week would put Detroit at 5-5, and only one game back of both NFC Wild Card spots. That's not out of it. (Beating the Packers is quite a big "if.")

3. Cincinnati Bengals: The Colts and Steelers could both collapse down the stretch in the Wild Card race. But is there an AFC team out there ready to take advantage? The Bengals are the best candidates. They can't go on a run if they can't beat Kansas City.

2. Dallas Cowboys: Everyone in Dallas has convinced themselves they are contenders again. That goes away in 60 minutes if they lose at home to the Cleveland Browns.

1. San Diego Chargers:It sure feels like the Chargers already lost the AFC West with their gag job against the Broncos on "Monday Night Football." A loss to the Broncos in Denver Sunday would essentially end the division race with six weeks to go.

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