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Counting down the seven members of the NFL Justice League

The Green Lantern might be the most anticipated summer blockbuster, even surpassing my excitement for The Hangover Part II. And since we gave a nod to the latter with a look at the ultimate wolf pack, it only makes sense to compose our list of NFL superheroes.

The only catch: Not only will we keep this limited to the DC Universe, for which the Green Lantern was created, we will focus solely on original members of the Justice League.

I am so excited, but before we go, I have to give a special shout-out to Craig Ellenport, TD St. Matthew-Daniel and comedian Ron Swallow for helping me get my inner geek on.

Bonus: Serena Williams as Wonder Woman
Who else in the NFL could possibly play the Amazon Princess? And if you are not familiar, Williams is a minority owner with the Miami Dolphins. That might make the NFL connection a bit of a stretch, but this seems to be a no-doubter. And yes, she makes a better Wonder Woman than Fergie.

And without further ado …

6. Ray Lewis as the Martian Manhunter
The Martian Manhunter is a respected leader among all of his peers. Something that certainly could be said about Lewis, who has become the voice of reason in the NFL. Some of Martian Manhunter's abilities are superhuman strength, speed, shape shifting and durability.

5. Leonard Pope as Aquaman
Aquaman figured to be a tough fit, but Pope answered the call of duty recently when he rescued a drowning boy at a Georgia pool party. Pope truly is a hero as he proved to be more predictable than a fictional character.

4. Chris Johnson as the Flash
As arguably the fastest player in the NFL, Johnson seems like a lock to be the Flash. Johnson also carries many of the same characteristics of the Flash, being the young guy of the Justice League, being flamboyant and a little bit of a goof-off.

3. Peyton Manning as Batman
Manning and Bruce Wayne both were born into money and the family background helped their careers. Neither Manning nor Batman has superhuman strength -- both must rely on focus and cunning. Like Batman, Manning is always well prepared with a plan and a backup plan, and there is nothing you can do to rattle him (at least not in the regular season). Manning has sought vengeance on the NFL for the way it treated his father, just like Wayne became a vigilante to avenge the death of his father.

2. Tom Brady as Superman
Superman is the face of the Justice League, much like Brady is the face of the NFL as the league's MVP. And if Brady is Superman, then Gisele is our Lois Lane. Which of course, means that Bridget Moynahan is Lana Lang. And it's just like the DC Universe, where Lang always seemed like a better choice than Lane.

And now the real question: Who is the Green Lantern?

1. Aaron Rodgers as the Green Lantern
Hal Jordan was just another jet fighter pilot until the ring gave him mystical powers. And Rodgers was just another good quarterback until he acquired a ring -- a Super Bowl ring. That ring gave Rodgers superhero status. The power of the Green Lantern's ring is only limited by his imagination, and he can take many shapes. Much like Rodgers' game, where he can beat you as a passer or runner. But above all, he always remains cool under fire.

Did Adam miss the invisible jet with his take on the Justice League? Let him know via Twitter.

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