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Could Marc Trestman make Tim Tebow a Chicago Bear?

Who in the NFL still believes in Tim Tebow?

The New York Jets don't. They didn't even give him a shot to start after Mark Sanchez fell apart.

The Jacksonville Jaguars don't. New general manager David Caldwell already said, "I can't imagine a scenario in which he'll be a Jacksonville Jaguar, even if he's released."

The Denver Broncos don't. They chose to upgrade to Peyton Manning after Tebow won a playoff game.

The Jets are expected to dump the former Heisman Trophy winner one way or another. Could the Bears be interested? Probably not considering they just hired Matt Cavanaugh to coach quarterbacks -- a position he held with the Jets in 2012. He didn't exactly get Tebow on the field in New York.

New Bears coach Marc Trestman, however, had positive things to say after he was hired to prepare Tebow for the Senior Bowl and draft in 2010.

"He doesn't have explosive arm strength, but he has more than adequate arm strength to throw the ball in the NFL and make all the throws," Trestman said at the time, the Morning Journal reported, via's Michael C. Wright. "I saw him do something totally different in seven or eight days. I can only imagine what he's going to do in one year or two years, because he's going to outwork everybody else and find a way to figure it out.

"If you're a coach and you love coaching quarterbacks, you'd love the opportunity to develop Tim Tebow."

Trestman loves coaching quarterbacks.

If Tebow is released, he'll probably want to go somewhere he has a chance to start. That won't happen with Jay Cutler in Chicago. But at least Trestman believes in Tebow. He used to, at least.

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