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Coughlin still steamed about calls that went against Giants

In the end, the Giants toppled the Packers 37-20, tempering the impact of two calls that went against New York during Sunday's divisional playoff at Lambeau Field.

Bill Leavy, the official who previously admitted to a series of mistakes in the Steelers' Super Bowl XL victory over the Seahawks, again was the center of attention Sunday, when he didn't overrule a first-quarter play in which Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings was ruled down by contact after many believed he had fumbled.

The upshot? Green Bay drove on to score a touchdown that tied the score at 10 early in the second quarter.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin was asked by reporters Monday if he saw anything that led him to believe Jennings did, in fact, fumble the ball.

"There is, but I won't go into it," he said, artfully dodging a league fine.

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Coughlin also weighed in on a fourth-quarter, roughing-the-passer call on defensive end Osi Umenyiora. That penalty gave the Packers a fresh set of downs on a drive that ended in a touchdown, cutting the Giants' lead to 30-20.

"It was an aggressive football play," Coughlin said. "He followed through as he released the ball, and the hit is from the side, there was no helmet involved, it was from shoulders to waist. We will coach that one forever."

The old-school coach can put this one behind him for now and focus on Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the 49ers. If Leavy, meanwhile, finds himself waiting by the mailbox for the Coughlin family Christmas card, it's going to be a long wait.

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