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Coughlin: New Yorkers know who the champions are

Tim Tebow's week-long hold on the back pages of the New York tabloids finally ended Wednesday as attention turned back to the Knicks. The defending champion Giants continue to stay under the radar during a quiet free-agent period.

That doesn't seem to bother Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

"You know who won the Super Bowl even if we're not on front page. New Yorkers know," Coughlin said Wednesday morning at the NFL Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, Fla.

That's the closest thing you'll ever see to a guy like Coughlin saying "scoreboard." Coughlin also said he's philosophically opposed to rotating quarterbacks in and out of games like the Jets will do with the Wildcat.

"When you develop a guy, you want the ball in his hands," Coughlin said.

It's good to be Coughlin right now. A contract extension is on the way, and Coughlin said it would be more than one year. (Last year, Coughlin added only one year to his existing deal.)

The Giants even might bring back one of their two-time champion players from free agency. He said running back Brandon Jacobs returning to the team is a "possibility." Jacobs hasn't attracted much interest in the free-agent market.

That's true of a lot of Giants this offseason, which is just how Coughlin likes it.

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