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Cortland Finnegan: Rams or Lions will win Super Bowl

The Detroit Lions will go to the Super Bowl. If enough people say it, it's bound to come true.

First it was Nick Fairley. Then it was Reggie Bush. It's not a surprise that a player thinks his team can make the Super Bowl. He should; otherwise, why is he playing? Whether he has to say it to the media is a different debate.

Now we have a twist: Cortland Finnegan believes that if his St. Louis Rams don't win the Super Bowl, the Lions will.

"If we don't win it, I'll take the Lions winning it next," Finnegan said Sunday, per the Detroit Free Press.

Finnegan's comments came at a charity softball game in Metro Detroit. The Rams cornerback was brought in as a ringer by former teammate Stephen Tulloch.

(Side note: When you think "softball ringer," is Finnegan one of the first 142 NFL players who pop into your mind?)

"You don't have the name Megatron for any other reason other than you're a bad man," Finnegan said, explaining why he thinks the Lions can turn it around after a 4-12 season. "So that's where it's at. They had a lot of good things going for them. Slot receivers, (Matthew) Stafford is amazing. They picked up some good stuff this year. So (Jim) Schwartz, he's always going to put together a good team."

Finnegan played for Schwartz when the latter was defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans. Considering the Lions have become somewhat of a "Titans North" in the last couple of years, we will take Finnegan's comments as an ode to many of his former teammates and coaches.

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