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Competition Committee considering changes to PAT

The NFL continues to entertain ideas for spicing up the time-tested extra point.

The league's Competition Committee outlined a pair of potential tweaks to the point after during a Wednesday conference call announcing the agenda for next week's Annual League Meeting in Orlando.

Here's what's on the table for the PAT:

Idea No. 1

The New England Patriots have proposed moving the line of scrimmage for extra points from the 2-yard line to the defensive team's 25-yard line in order to make the play more competitive.

Under that proposal -- one of 13 new rules to be voted on in Florida -- teams would continue to wield the option to go for a two-point conversion from the 2-yard line.

We don't expect this to pass.

Idea No. 2

It's not one of the 13 proposed rules, but the committee also supports a plan to move PATs to the 20-yard line during one week of preseason action in 2014. This softer change has a much better chance of becoming a reality this summer.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told NFL Network in January that the committee eventually might abolish the point after in favor of a brand-new scoring system. Before it's deep-sixed, look for extra points to be massaged and tweaked into something more enticing for the fans.

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