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Colts' Reggie Wayne hopes NFL diva receiver era is over

Buh-bye, T.O.

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See ya later, Ochocinco.

Take it easy, Keyshawn Johnson.

Holla, Roy Williams.

The days of the diva receiver ruling the NFL seem to have passed as the Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson, Houston Texans' Andre Johnson, Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald and Indianapolis Colts' Reggie Wayne have moved to the forefront. Wayne, for one, welcomes the shift.

"Those guys you named, they are hard-working guys," Wayne told's Paul Kuharsky. "They aren't into all that diva stuff. I got kind of upset a couple years ago, somebody put me into that category. I don't even know what it means. As a professional football player at the receiver position, you know how much running and how much hard work it is that you have to dedicate yourself to, to be successful. Whenever you say those names that you did, I respect all of those guys. I respect everybody in this league, period.

"As far as the diva stuff, man, I hope it is gone. I hope you get more guys out there that like to work hard and go out and enjoy playing football."

We would have said goodbye to Randy Moss, but he's quietly gone about his business with the San Francisco 49ers.

Organizations might be thrilled to have less drama, but the fans are losing some prime entertainment. No more "straight cash homie." No more "I'm a (expletive) soldier!" What will we get our popcorn ready for? Who will break out the overly exaggerated first-down point? No Sharpies, no checklists, no lifting weights in the driveway ...

Is this a world you're prepared to live in?

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