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Colts ready to make their move with Trent Richardson

The Indianapolis Colts made a trade that doubled as a statement of intent: The time to make a Super Bowl run is now.

Trent Richardson will line up in the backfield behind Andrew Luck. The first and third picks of the 2012 NFL Draft now are teammates following the Colts' stunning Wednesday trade with the Cleveland Browns.

This is the Colts' 16th trade of the Ryan Grigson era. Remember, Grigson didn't take over as general manager until January 2012. The man has been aggressive from the outset, but dealing for Richardson is his boldest move yet. Indy sent its 2014 first-round pick to Cleveland to get the deal done, but you won't hear many people saying the Colts were fleeced.

Richardson is a major talent who was trapped in a dysfunctional offense. He set a rushing record for this still-young Browns franchise in 2012, scoring 13 touchdowns along the way. Durability issues are fair to question, but Grigson is "rollin' dice," to borrow an Irsayism. It's a gamble well worth the risk.

The trade restores order in a Colts backfield that had been turned upside down by Vick Ballard's season-ending knee injury. Richardson will be the bell cow. Ahmad Bradshaw will take on a secondary role that suits him -- and his perpetually aching feet -- best.

There was a time when it seemed the decision to move on from Peyton Manning always would define Grigson's tenure in Indianapolis. This trade is Grigson's play for a legacy far greater.

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